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Amma Meri

Amma Meri

Original Title: Amma Meri
INDIAN PANORAMA - NON FEATURE FILM 2016 | Tarun Jain | haryanvi | 30 min
short film
This film is a part of the following program: Amma Meri/Maacher Jhol

Tarun Jain

Tarun Jain’s short film Aakhir (At Last), has been screened at over 42 international film festivals. Amma Meri is his second short film as a writer, director and producer. He has been involved in fiction, documentaries, corporates films, television shows & TVC’s over the years.
Directed by
Tarun Jain
Tarun Jain
Karan Thapliyal
Rajan Kumar Singh & Vishal Chauhan
Anurag Arora, Devki Rani, Diksha Lamba, Raghuvir Mann,Naresh Kaushik, Lt. Shivam Pradhan
Film Synopsis
The film explores how trying circumstances often lead to great transformation. When the loss of his father, mounting financial troubles and the thought of arranging his daughter’s marriage wear him down, the last straw for him is losing his mother. In the face of adversity Balaram truly begins to think.

Film Trailer

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