Salamanca, summer of 1936. Celebrated writer Miguel de Unamuno publicly supports the military rebellion believing that it will bring order to the prevailing chaos in Spain. He’s immediately dismissed as Dean of the University by the left-wing government.Meanwhile, General Francisco Franco initiates a successful campaign from the South, secretly plotting to take over sole command of the war.The conflict turns bloody forcing Unamuno to question his initial support and reconsider his principles.

Cast And Credits

Directed by : Alejandro Amenábar
Screenplay : Alejandro Amenábar, Alejandro Hernández
Producer : Fernando Bovaira, Domingo Corral, Hugo Sigman, Alejandro Amenábar
DOP : Álex Catalán, AEC
Editor : Carolina Martínez Urbina
Cast : Karra Elejalde, Eduard Fernández, Santi Prego, Luis Bermejo, Tito Valverde, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, Inma Cuevas, Carlos Serrano-Clark, Luis Zahera, AinhoaSantamaría, Mireia Rey, Luis Callejo, DafnisBalduz, Jorge Andreu


Alejandro Amenábar

Since his directorial debut with THESIS (1996), Alejandro Amenábar (Santiago de Chile, 1972) has managed to reach both audiences and critics. THESIS was considered the best film of the year by Spanish Academy, and was a huge success among international audiences, winning several awards at international festivals.
Barely a year later, his second film, OPEN YOUR EYES (1997), was a huge box office success in Spain and had a wide international release. The film got an American remake, Vanilla Sky, directed by Cameron Crowe and starring Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.
THE OTHERS (2001) and THE SEA INSIDE (2004) established him internationally. THE SEA INSIDE, starring Javier Bardem, won the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film and other 60 international awards. THE OTHERS, starring Nicole Kidman, was his first film in English and was selected at the Venice Film Festival. It received rave reviews and was extraordinarily popular with audiences worldwide
In 2009 AGORA, starring Rachel Weisz, was selected at the Ca