Ticket Policy

  • Tickets can be booked at INOX, Kala Academy or through Online mode (Redemption) my.iffigoa.org
  • Tickets are issued free of cost against the accreditation card.

  • All accreditation cards are RFID chip based and should be scanned / tapped by the delegate at the auditorium entrance. Failing to which, you will void your daily quota, and it cannot be refilled.

  • Ticket is considered invalid after the show starts.

  • Each accreditation card will have a bar code and a unique ID number. Delegates must present the accreditation card at the Box Office booth while booking tickets.

  • Proxy booking is not allowed. Each delegate is expected to book his / her own ticket.

  • Every pass holder is entitled for a quota of tickets per day:

Cine Enthusiasts and Student Delegates : 3 tickets per day

Media Camera Person : 3 tickets per day

Delegates from Film Fraternity : 4 tickets per day

Media Correspondents : 5 tickets per day

  • Tickets can be booked from 1 day prior to the movie’s scheduled time.
  • Delegates must mention the screening code at the ticketing booth.
  • Seat availability in the auditorium will be displayed on a live screen outside every venue.

  • Cancellation of tickets must be done at least one hour prior to the movie screening. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the delegate’s daily ticket quota.

  • Tickets are non-transferable.

  • No duplicate ticket will be issued if an original ticket is lost.

  • In the event of a movie screening getting canceled due to technical reasons, the daily ticket quota will be carried forward.

Online Reservation:

  • Online reservation (Redemption) can be carried out from 20th November, 2017.

  • Maximum of 6 tickets can be booked at a time, with usage limited to 3 screenings per day. Further reservation can be done after redemption of the first 6 tickets.

  • Redemption of online tickets must happen at least 2 hours before the screening schedule. Any ticket not redeemed before the stipulated time will expire.


Rush Line:

  • Rush lines are formed 1 hour before the screening time, if all tickets for that screening have been distributed.

  • Ticket holders can start entering the auditorium 15 minutes before the screening time. Any vacant seat(s) after all ticket holders have gained entry will be filled through the Rush Line 5 minutes before the screening, on first come first serve basis.


Theatre Policy & Admittance

  • Differently abled delegates can contact the Help desk at the venues for assistance.

  • Sitting on the aisle inside the theater is strictly prohibited.

  • Each ticket is valid for a single screening.


Ticketing Schedule

Booking at a counter: November 20 – 28 2017 | 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM

Online Booking: November 19 – 28 2017


Ticket Status

Used: The ticket has been already used and the movie is viewed by the delegate.

No show: The physical ticket was printed and issued but delegate never attended the screening or the card was not scanned at the auditorium entrance.

Printed: Physical ticket has been printed.

Reserved: Online reservation is done by the delegate, but the physical ticket is not printed.


- Team IFFI